Meal Plan Recovery

The Kitchens provides recovery meals for people who are sick. The recovery meal program helps satisfy the needs of its guests and helps minimize the spread of illness. Recovery meals are available as part of the meal plan for students living in campus housing only. If a student is unable to dine in The Kitchens due to illness, they should follow the process below to obtain a recovery meal.


  1. Please fill out the form below with the required information at least 3 hours prior to ordering a recovery meal. The designated individual who will be picking up the meal will need to happen during The Kitchens operational hours.
  2. The designee will then go to The Kitchens at the specified time and let the cashier know they are there to get a recovery meal. The Manager will record the recovery meal and provide a disposable container to the designee. 
  3. The designee will be able to fill the disposable container in The Kitchens dining hall. Once filled, they can return to the cashier stand to pick up a drink and soup cup lids and take it back to the student’s room.




1 Start 2 Complete
Note the recovery meal must be picked up during The Kitchens operational hours.