Spring 2022 Temporary To-Go Meal Option

Learn more about the Temporary To-Go Meal Option available at The Kitchens.
January 18, 2022
Takeout container with food

Due to the recent Sonoma County Health Order and the announcement that most classes will be online through February 11, 2022, Culinary Services will be providing a temporary to-go meal option in The Kitchens through February 28, 2022. The Kitchens will reopen on January 21 and will remain open seven days a week on Monday through Thursday: 7:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Friday through Sunday: 9 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Meal Plan Holders

  • Seawolf All Access, Weekday All Access: Up to 3 meals per day may be taken to-go
  • Daily 7, Daily 5: Up to 1 meal per day may be taken to-go
  • Premier Blue 50, Prime Blue 20: Each meal (or “swipe”) has the option to be taken to-go

For those without meal plans, to-go meals will be available for the door price, plus an additional $1 for compostable packaging.

Additional Details

  • This program has been created for those in our SSU community who do not feel comfortable partaking in indoor, public dining. Meals purchased through the to-go program must be taken to-go and not consumed in The Kitchens.
  • To-go meals will include one provided takeout container that you can fill with food of your choice. Everything must fit in your container. Taking additional grab-and-go items that do not fit in your container is not permitted.
  • In addition to the takeout container, each to-go meal includes one beverage. 
  • Culinary Services reserves the right to deny the purchase of to-go meals for any individual that does not follow the above guidelines.

Culinary Services will continue providing meals to students living in the on-campus quarantine housing who have a meal plan or purchase meals per day. For more information, please visit the Quarantine Meals webpage. 

We are committed to protecting your health and safety, as well as our own team members.  We will continue to meet and exceed COVID-19 public health and safety guidelines from campus, local, state, and federal agencies.

Please reach out to culinary.services@sonoma.edu if you have any questions.