Seawolves get a taste of the Winter Olympics at The Kitchens

February 23, 2022

Student Involvement celebrated the Winter Olympics by bringing students a taste from all around the world right to The Kitchens on Wed. Feb. 17. The themed dinner transformed The Kitchens into a multi-continental festivity featuring dishes from Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Australia. "We focused a lot on decorations, food, and entertainment. We want students to feel transported to different corners of the world, experience different cultures, and  get out of their comfort zone while enjoying great food and playing some games," said Tia Booker, Student Involvement member and second-year philosophy major.

The Kitchen’s doors opened from 5–7 p.m. and welcomed students to dine in or carry out from the multicultural buffet. The event was included for students who use a swipe from their meal plan, and any guests without a meal plan were able to purchase a meal at the door. 

Many students walked into The Kitchens unaware of the event, but were very pleased to have a break from the usual menu. "I came in thinking I was going to be eating my usual pizza and fries. I was surprised when I saw all the decorations and a completely different menu," said Kelly Cortes, a third-year biology major. Students had a variety of options for their dinner; from coconut rice, offering a taste of one of Africa's traditional dishes; Europe's goulash; and lemon chicken, a traditional Asian dish. Others started with dessert and enjoyed malva pudding, blueberry scones, and Lamingtons.

The different options seemed to make it difficult for students to select only one dish, with many making their way to the tables carrying one plate in each hand."I don't usually do seconds, but the food deserves a gold medal. It's nice to have food you enjoy every bite of," said Cortes. 

Students were thrilled to have pandas as their table centerpieces, and informational placemats at each table, where facts about the Olympics and the types of dishes served could be found. Panda selfies became popular as the dinner progressed. "The decorations really make the difference. I can tell they are going the extra mile to change it up. It's nice to see the effort and it makes me look forward to events like this," mentioned Marco Thimer, a first-year business major.

After dinner, students made their way to the game tables. The three selected games were ring toss, spin the ice hockey wheel, and a shell game with the goal of finding the bobsledder. Tossing the ring became the favorite game of the evening, attracting spectators. The game consisted of two players that were given four rings each, and required to stand behind the provided line. Players then tossed the rings, aiming for one of the five cones, and ended their toss with a mid jump lunge or 360 twirl with jump pose.  

After one minute, the player with the most rings on the cones was declared the winner. After an unexpected, five-minute, high-energy game between two players, spectators helped to declare the match a tie. 

Student Involvement’s members provided the winners gold medals and the option between a surprise to-go treat or a Sonoma State hat. "Food and games are always a good combination, and after a full stomach people get an energy boost... We wanted to provide Olympics themed games that are both entertaining as a player and a spectator to give the full Winter Olympics dinner experience. I encourage other Seawolves to take advantage of events like this," said Gabriela Zavala, Student Involvement member and second-year sociology major. 

Student Involvement will continue to host different themed dinners once a month throughout the Spring semester. To learn more about upcoming events, check out Seawolf Living’s “Events” tab or SSU’s Engage website for more information. 

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