It's On Like Donkey Kong

April 8, 2024
cupcakes with pink frosting

The Kitchens hosted a Video Game themed dinner on March 28, 2024 and it was filled with creative, magical, and adventurous decor! They set the tone with music from video game soundtracks and lowered lights, which gave the space a mysterious and epic feeling. The Kitchens served a delicious array of food at every station with everything from ramen to chili dogs, to even duck confit tacos, all connected to the video games you know and love. The menu honored so many important games that even if you weren't a gamer yourself, you felt like one for the night! This dinner was unique and really embodied it's theme to a tee. So next time you see a themed dinner on the calendar, don't miss it because you might just get it on like Donkey Kong with food at the kitchens!