Cookin' with Culinary: Knife Skills with Chef Don

January 11, 2021
knife cutting carrots

Join Chef Don Cortes, Executive Chef at Sonoma State University, for his valuable kitchen techniques and lessons. This week, Chef Don Cortes is showing off how to use a knife like a true professional! With step by step instructions and tips, you will feel safe and comfortable the next time you’re cutting up your veggies. Here is what you will need to get started:


  • Cutting board (recommend wood)

  • Damp towel for underneath cutting board 

  • All-purpose chef’s knife (8" or 10”) 


  1. Hold the knife with the middle, ring, and pinky finger and grab the handle of the knife. 
  2. Use the index finger and thumb to pinch the blade to give you a secure and comfortable grip. 
  3. Slice in a rocking motion.
  4. Grip item with the other hand to secure the items you are cutting. 

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