Cookin’ with Culinary, ft: Nancy’s Tips for Meal Planning Pt. 2

November 13, 2020
Meal in a container with corn, olives, tomatoes, ground beef

Nancy, SSU Culinary Services Director, is back to give YOU more tips and tricks on menu planning and making the most of your time in the kitchen. You just got back from the grocery store, so what’s next? Nancy is ready to teach you how to revamp meals to increase variety, how to buy in bulk to stock up your pantry, and how to portion out purchased meat products. Check out this video to get the inside scoop!


Be Efficient & Reuse

Any leftover meat you may have cooked up can be used the next day for lunch or dinner. Don't waste the food you bought, instead, get creative.

Buy In Bulk

It’s smarter to buy meat and seasonings in bulk to save money. Buying in bulk also limits the number of trips you need to make to the grocery store!

Stock Up

It’s a good idea to stock up your pantry with soup, pasta, or chili beans. This way, you will never go hungry if dinner plans with friends change, or if you’re extra hungry one night.

Portion, Please

Nancy suggests to portion out your meat and freeze it in individual plastic bags. Remember to label your bags, so you know what to take out of the freezer for your next meal!


In case you missed out on Nancy’s debut, be sure to check out her first video to learn even more about meal planning!

Watch Tips for Meal Planning Pt. 1


We hope these tips will make your time in the kitchen much easier and more enjoyable. Stay tuned for more videos from the Culinary team!