Cookin’ with Culinary, ft: Nancy’s Tips for Meal Planning Pt. 1

October 23, 2020
Meal plan journal notebook in someones hands

Do you know what you’re having for dinner this week? Planning your breakfast, lunch, and dinner just got a lot easier. Nancy, SSU’s Director of Culinary Services, is going to teach YOU how to plan delicious meals, grocery shop on a budget, and make sure you never go hungry by the end of the week. 


Cookin’ with Culinary, ft: Nancy’s Tips for Meal Planning Pt. 1


Before Menu Planning, Ask Yourself:
  1. What are my favorite foods that I like to eat?

  2. What is easy to cook?

  3. What are the things that I can afford?

Free Menu Planning Resource:

Using a menu planning worksheet is great for planning meals and figuring out what items you will need to purchase. Be sure to download the excel version of this convenient menu planner to use for your week!

Download the Menu Planner

Tips to Keep in Mind:

Eating Habits: Know how many and what kind of meals you like.

Environment: Think about if you have storage space.

Equipment: Determine if you have the supplies needed.

Budget: What’s your budget? 

Customize: Make sure your meals match your eating habits.

Schedule: Have meals reflect your schedule and how many days you will need meals.

Efficiencies: Think about spices and buying in volume to save money.


Once you’ve purchased all of your groceries, you’re ready to start the week! Stay tuned for more tips from Nancy and the Culinary team!